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Luxor Beige

Luxor Beige
Sant' Agostino Luxor Series

A Little About Us

Ever since we established Buytile.com in 1998 we have strived to be the quality resource for Architects, Designers, Contractors and Homeowners for their floor and wall covering needs. Ceramic, Glass, Porcelain, Marble, Granite, Mosaic or Green Friendly tiles, we carry it all. Most products have samples in stock and can be ordered easily by clicking the send me a sample button on the product page. We offer competitive pricing on all our tiles and special discounts on larger quantity orders. more

Our offices and showroom are based in Brooklyn, New York. In addition, we import and distribute via our warehouses throughout the United States and Canada. We represent many of the best domestic and international tile brands, including: American Olean, Casalgrande Padana, Emil Ceramica, Daltile, Adex, Marca Corona, Cerdomus, Provenza, SICIS, Atlas Concorde, Saime and our very own Apricot Tile brand. 

A Little About Tile

Tile is generally made of Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Metal, Clay, Marble, Onyx, Slate, Granite or Stone. Some tiles are made of a combination of these raw materials as well as in recycled form. Tiles vary in size, thickness, texture and color. Mosaic and pebble tiles are fixed to a mesh backing or glued together to form a pattern or sheet. Some are sold by the piece, such as mosaics, borders, bullnose, medallions, chair rails and listellos. Others are sold by the square foot.

Where the tiles are being installed and their function is an important factor when selecting the type of tiles to buy. Floor, Wall, Backsplash, Ceiling, Indoor, Outdoor, Freezing, Extreme Heat, Wet or Dry Climate, and Non-skid/tread are all factors to consider. In addition, the décor of the room, whether it’s a commercial or residential application, warm wood look or cold stone look, dark colored or light, modern or contemporary, etc. are yet more options to consider.


Over the years we have scoured the world to find the best tile, marble and granite products from Italy, Greece, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, India and China, as well as tiles Made in the USA. We have visited factories around the world. We’ve found that many of the tiles manufactured under the common Brand Names are manufactured in the same plant as the Non Branded tiles. The quality is similar, but the price for Brand Names is significantly higher. In an effort to give you all the options available we sell both. Feel free to compare the samples and decide for yourself.

A Little About You

With all these different choices, making a decision can become really confusing. That’s why we designed our website to make it easy to shop. For inspiration you can check out our galley and shop by room. This gives you the ability to see bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, pools, spas, laundry rooms, bedrooms and more that are already finished. You will see the tiles that made up that room right underneath the picture, and they can be added to your cart. Or you can combine a floor tile from one room and a mosaic tile from a different room. ;

If you have an idea what you are looking for but want to see more choices, you can shop by Category, Material, Color, Price, Size, Application and Look. If you really know the tile you’re looking for and want to compare prices, you can shop by Brand and Series. If you still can’t pin it down, please do feel free to give us a call, send an email or chat live. Our design staff really knows tiles, and they will be happy to help you with your project.;

What Makes Us Different

Buying tile is a process. It starts with a vision, an inspiration and ends once the installation is complete. There is a lot of thought that goes into it. The right tile can make an area look bigger, warmer, modern, fresh, expensive and upscale and increase the value of your home. The wrong tile can be a costly mistake.

That’s why we try our best to offer you: the most up-to-date catalog of tiles people are buying & an enormous variety of options, yet not too confusing. We make it easy to navigate the site by yourself with our various search and sort options, and image gallery. Our staff can help you identify and select the tile that is right for your project. We can offer alternatives in many different styles and price ranges, helping you achieve your interior concept regardless of your budget or logistical limitations. Getting you the samples on time; and getting the order to your door as promised is our commitment and duty. For Architects and Designers we will mount and grout your presentation on a board.


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Our Shop by Room Gallery makes it easy for you to view various looks based on the area you’re interested in tiling. Just choose a room and you’ll find beautiful display photos that feature tiles available for purchase on buytile.com. If you’re an interior designer this feature can expand your creativity. If you have no idea what tiles you’re interested in, use this tool to duplicate an exact look. At buytile.com we’re really excited about creating stunning spaces. We strive to help you find the perfect fit for your design. So take a look and see what you find.

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