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Marble Marfil Bullnose 3 x 13

Homes are becoming less objective realities and more the reflection of those who live in them. A genuine, vibrant identity is not possible unless rooms reflect their users. We are going to take you on a journey through different styles, meeting people with their actions and thoughts, their personalities that define their views of their living spaces. The elegant stylistic majesty of marble surfaces, combined with the benefits of ceramic tile technology, is skilfully and tastefully blended with people’s personalities, producing an ambitious project that creates living spaces in the exact image of the people who bring them to life. The home opens its doors to the world, to new inputs that bring it to life. A new determination to bring intentions and freedoms into private spaces, a new desire to make rooms special through unique, elegant surfaces. Once upon a time, we had the same old homes. Today, we are invited to live our homes to the full. A new concept of the home. A new approach to living spaces, which its ideal match in a unique surface: marble.

Brand ABK Ceramiche
Material Ceramic
Size 3" x 13" Bullnose
Finish Polished
Width 3"
Length 13"
Thickness 3/8"
Approximate Weight per Tile 1.12 lbs
Color Group Beige/Taupe

Marble Marfil Bullnose 3 x 13

Series: Marble Way

SKU No: 21829-marble-marfil-bullnose-3-x-13

Size: 3" x 13" Bullnose

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